Hair Removal Laser

(Alexandrite :755nm+ Nd:YAG :1064nm)


Our product is the first laser in the world to offer mixed technology treatments. The unique Alexandrite (755nm) & Nd: YAG (1064nm) laser discharges these 2 wavelength’s in a choice of either a single emission, a sequential emission, or a mixed emission.
Alexandrite is the gold standard for lighter skin-types and Nd: YAG is the gold standard for darker skin types. So having the ability to fire the wavelengths separately or together gives the Practitioner the ultimate hair removal tool and gives the client the ultimate hair-removal experience. This is achieved by the high melanin-absorption of the Alexandrite laser (755nm) and the safety profile and bulk heating capabilities of the Nd: YAG laser(1064nm). Our product allows the programmer to alter fluence, pulse duration, and sequences to increase the treatment safety and effectiveness. Feel free to request a Demo at your clinic !!

Mixed technology laser. Our laser is the perfect investment in any aesthetic practice, either as a start-up practice or as an established business. Laser hair removal is an essential part of any aesthetic business and must be done to a high standard to maintain current respect in your business and to attract new clients. 46% of all light-based treatments are for hair removal. So why settle for any less than the best.